Hawai'i Speech League

The Hawai'i Speech League (HSL) was organized to promote and encourage excellence in speech by sponsoring a diversified program of speech activities for intermediate and high school students. It is an organization composed of public and private schools from across the state of Hawai'i.


Updated 4/8/2017

The following LD competitors need to report to Punahou School no later than 1:00 pm to compete in the semi-final round of debate: N2, N4, N6, N8 and C5, C6, C11 and C12.

ALL Policy and PF semi-finalists need to report to Punahou School no later than 4:30 pm to compete in the final round of competition.


Updated 3/8/2017:

The HSL State Forensic Championships will take place on April 6-8, 2017 at Kamehameha and Punahou Schools.


Carol Halbur says: Bobby Tokunaga has promised for the last two speech & debate seasons to take over this website, make it easier to manage and keep up to date. The only part I will continue to update is tournament registration. As you have seen, nothing has happened this year. I am asking for an email campaign reminding Bobby of his promise to update this website. I remind him during most tournaments, but apparently this isn't enough of a reminder for him to do anything. Can you help? This is also a test to see if anyone ever reads this website because it is so out of date.


Debate Topics for the HSL State Forensic Championships


Resolved: The United States ought to replace the Electoral College with a direct national popular vote.



Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee the right to housing.



Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic and/or diplomatic engagement with the People’s Republic of China.


PFD resolutions correspond to NFL resolutions for the same month.

LD resolutions will be on this schedule

a) NFL Sept./Oct. - First and Second Debate Non-Qualifiers

b) NFL Nov./Dec. - Third Non-Qualifier and first Debate Qualifier

c) NFL Jan./Feb. - Second Debate Qualifier and Districts

d) NFL Mar./Apr.  - State Forensic Championships

National Speech & Debate Association

You can go to the official NDSA site! You can view recent news, student tournament records, and also see student NDSA points!


More Information

If you have any general questions regarding the league or any league tournaments, please contact HSL President Bobby Tokunaga for assistance. 

If you have any questions regarding judging at HSL sanctioned tournaments, please contact Mr. Bill Teter at his e-mail below.

Mahalo for your interest in the Hawai'i Speech League.

Postal address

Bobby Tokunaga
2560 Campus Road, George Hall Rm. 326
Honolulu, Hawai'i 9682

Electronic mail

General Information: Bobby Tokunaga
Judges: Bill Teter
Webmaster: Carol Halbur

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